Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sledding and Snowboarding

Today, with the beautiful snow everywhere and chores done, the kids were ready to get out and play. Eric got out his snowboard and helped the kids sled down the hill in our backyard on the snowboard. Our neighbor friends, Divya and Pramika, joined in the fun. We discovered that the snow was perfect for sledding and snowboarding. Eric even made a starting ramp for the sledders and 2 jumps farther down for himself to get some air. We all took turns (even I had a turn) and we had a really great time.

Eric made many trips up and down the hill helping many of the kids carry the board back up each time. He really enjoyed the snowboarding too. At the end, Eric took Jarem down on the board standing with him so he could feel what it was like to snowboard. Jarem loved it, but there isn't much hope of him getting into the sport anytime soon since snow like this is a novelty in Tennessee! :)

Tessa participated just as much as everyone else, it's just that I had the camcorder on when she was going down. Alex has the stomach flu today, so he was relegated to watching sadly from the kitchen window between multiple trips to the bathroom. He probably would have enjoyed a little time out on the snowboard since he used to snowboard too.

Strapping on his board

Starting out

Getting some air

Landing the jump

Eric at the bottom of the hill

Jesikah taking her turn

Getting sprayed with snow

Carrying the board back up the hill

This little guy was very anxious for his turns

And crash...

Jesikah helping Jarem carry up the board

Divya taking a turn

Pramika too

Tessa and Divya carrying the board after Tessa's turn

My turn, I am ready to take off from the starting ramp

Wow! It was faster than I expected

It was fun!

Jarem and Eric snowboarding together!  It was very cute!

Eric and Jarem walking back up the hill

Real Snow

Well, we finally got our predicted snow yesterday afternoon.  It started snowing about 1pm, and didn't stop until about 1am.  It started out slow, and picked up around 4:30.  We ended up with about 6 inches of beautiful, soft, snow. It's the best snow that we've had in Tennessee since we moved her a year and a half ago.  It is perfect for skiing, sledding, snowboarding, playing, building, or whatever.  Seeing it snow yesterday and playing in the snow today made me realize how much I miss real snow.  Walking through it today, it was really deep in some areas.  There was some drifting too, but it mostly just fell softly.

A deep footprint in the snow


We had a few friends over for dinner and a game night.  I thought we were going to have to cancel due to the snow, but they were still able to make it.  I was really glad because after cleaning and cooking, I didn't want to postpone it.  We had mexican and played Rook and Scum.  In scum, Tina started out as the "King" getting waited on by Linda who was "scum".  She was a quite demanding king! :)  Tina even took over Linda's beautiful jewelry and Linda formed her bracelet into a crown for her heiness.

Poor Tina had to give up the necklace and crown shortly thereafter eventually making it down to scum the last round.  You know what they say, "Beware of pride".  She, however, did make a beautiful king.

More Bread

Since my parents left, we have been excited about baking our own bread again.  I used to bake bread a lot, but haven't in the past few years because I just have gotten out of the habit.  Last week, Eric and I baked bread with my mom's recipe using our new Kitchen Aid mixer.  It turned out great.  I love how soft it is with the dough enhancer.  I formed two loaves and he formed two loaves.  The kids voted on the loaf they thought looked the most perfect.  One of Eric's won, although I personally voted for mine.  I think he was having a little too much influence over the kid's decisions if you ask me! :)

Bedtime for Sparkle Spike

Jarem recently got to take home Sparkle Spike, the turtle, from preschool for his Super Star week.  He was so excited and immediately renamed him Teeto and/or Toitle.  We were supposed to take pictures of some of the things that they did together to put in their class book.  I took pictures of Jarem getting him ready for bed.  First, he read him a story (he told him all about finding pictures in the "I Spy" book").  Then, he gave him hugs and kisses and tucked him into his seashell bed.  Jarem was pretty excited about all the pictures and getting to have Sparkle Spike.


Just recently, Tessa and her friend, Divya, have gotten interested in rollerblading.  Tessa got rollerblades for Christmas, and during Christmas break, Jesikah took her out rollerblading to show her the ropes.  They have been spending a lot of free time rollerblading lately.  I'm glad that they can enjoy themselves while getting outside and getting some exercise too.  When it's been too cold, they just roll around the garage.

Beautiful sunset I noticed right after I took their pictures

Getting Ready for the 50-miler

For their summer scout camp this year, our boy scouts in the ward are doing a 50-mile hike on Appalachian Trail.  It will take place the first week in June.  In order to prepare, the boys have several hikes they have to attend to get ready and in shape.  Their most recent was last Saturday.  Eric and Alex went with the Boy Scouts on a 12 mile hike in Carthage, TN. They met at the church at 5:50am, and got home around 6pm.  It was about 1 1/2 hours away.  It was supposed to be one of the most difficult terrains in the area.  They said it was a beautiful area, and that it was hard, but they made it.  Eric has had a calling in Young Men's for about a year now and recently got called as president.  It is a new challenge for him, but he is up to the task I think.  I am so glad that he and Alex get to go together on these type of outings.  It gives me peace of mind knowing that Eric is there to watch out for my boy!

(photos courtesy of Laura Richard's blog)

Halfway Done!

A Beautiful Hike