Saturday, July 19, 2008

4th of July Weekend 2008

Saying Goodbye to Washington

With much sadness, we say goodbye to our good life on Bronington Drive. We may not miss the drizzle, but we will miss the amazing beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Choosing to buy one of the first homes in a new neighborhood 5 years ago was a bit of a gamble, and as first-time home buyers, one may have wondered if it was the best choice. Now five years later, we have to say, "we couldn't have chosen better". Not only did we find a home that fit our needs, but even more importantly, we found a home surrounded with great friends and neighbors. We will miss all the good times and fulness each of you have added to our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each of you who made our time here SO wonderful. Each of us have all learned so much and grown in so many ways because of our associations with each of you. Thanks to all of you who welcomed us into you homes and your hearts. We will never forget you. Next time you are heading out to the country music capital to visit the Grand Ole Opry or Dollywood, Don't forget to stop by and see how the South has changed the Bass Family. We may even make some fried okra or collard greens for you.

Family Update

Just a little note on some of the things going on....

Eric has finally completed residency and has passed all his licensing boards!! With that good news though comes some sad news in that now that he is done with his training we will be moving from Washington, a place in which we loved. We will be leaving behind many good friends and loved ones. However we do look forward to our opportunity in Tennessee. While Eric is eager to start his profession at Fort Campbell KY, he is sad to have to leave the friends he made at his residency.

Rozanne will really miss her good friends and her "girls" in YW. She will also miss her sweet piano students. Things will definitely be different in TN. In the next few weeks, she will focus on making sure the move goes smoothly and making sure our new house selections are made.

Alex will be sad to leave his friends Matt, Kyle, Jimmy, and Sean. He made a lot of friends in school, soccer, and football.

Jesikah too will miss her many friends, but probably most of all, Allie. She looks forward to making new friends in our new home.

Tessa will miss her best friend Taylor. She is hoping that in TN she gets to start riding horses.

Jarem can't wait to move to TN and is always asking when are we going.