Friday, September 28, 2012

Silently Reading

After our Friday night date, Eric and I came home and couldn't find Jarem and Tessa. After questioning Jesikah and Alex, I saw that Tessa's room light was on with the door closed but it was silent.  I opened the door, and there they were on Tessa's bed reading books. These two have a really sweet relationship. I love how they care about each other and help each other. If one of them is going to get a reward and the other one isn't, they will help the other get it or share theirs half. They will also help each other with their jobs.  They have their moments where they don't get along, but as a general rule, they are so kind to each other.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Elder Whitney came for a visit

Today, Saturday, September 22nd, Elder Whitney stopped by to say goodbye one final time before heading back to California.  He had just gotten off his mission and was touring the area with his parents.  We were honored that he stopped by to see us.  It had been a few months since he served in our area, so we were excited to see him again.  We had him over to dinner many times, and he took Alex out on splits multiple times and was always helping Alex set goals to finish his eagle.  He was a great missionary!  Unfortunately, Alex and Eric weren't home.  Eric had taken Alex to a soccer game in Nashville.  Tessa and Jarem had soccer games that morning, as you can tell!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Pinwheels for Peace

 September 21st was International Peace Day so (as has become tradition) Rossview Elementary did their presentation of peace and planted their pinwheels that they made.  Jarem is our only one in Elementary this year.

There was a good breeze blowing, so the kids had fun seeing their pinwheels spin

Jarem lost his second front tooth, so he is officially missing his two front teeth...SO CUTE!

Planting his pinwheel

Doing the actions to the song about peace...I couldn't believe that I started to get emotional while they were singing.  It was a neat song though.  This pregnancy has definitely had me crying at the drop of a hat.

His cute pinwheel

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spirit Week

The high school has Homecoming Week this week, so the middle and high school are having Spirit Week which means they get to dress up everyday! It has been fun having the girls in middle school because they LOVE to dress up. Alex would never do anything (still doesn't) for the dress up days. Yesterday was 80's day, and today was Superheroes day. Here are the girl's outfits!

Batwoman with the icy stare


I bummed you can't see her belt in any of the pictures cuase it cause a big sparkly star on the front

Cape view (not sure why she is cowering) :)

The Power Duo

I thought their costumes were cute, especiallly since I pulled Tessa's together in about 10 minutes this morning.
PS--I updated my blog today, so look past the cloudy day post and you will find several new ones!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Deer and Wild Turkeys

Nearly every week when I take the girls to piano lessons, we see some kind of wildlife. Recently while Jesikah was waiting in the car for Tessa, she saw these deer and took some pictures. I have seen deer many, many times just running across Mrs. Robbins yard.  And the funny thing is, she lives in a neighborhood, it's not like it's out in the woods. :) Also, in a week recently, there were about 20-25 wild turkeys in the road as we approached her driveway and we had to stop and wait for them to move before we could pass.

This is cute with the mama and her two babies

You can see wild turkeys in the background

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cloudy Morning

A couple of weeks ago, Jarem went out on the front porch to wait for the bus and came running back in to tell me that I had to come and take a picture of the clouds!  I got my camera right away because I was anxious to try out my new camera and sure enough, the clouds were very interesting.  I love how Jarem is very observant and always notices things in nature like birds, trees, or flowers.

While I had my camera out, I took a few pictures of this cute boy as well!  Love this boy!