Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Waiting for Alex and Jesikah to get up so they could see what Santa brought

Walking in

Jarem found Wii Sports in his stocking and a Lego set from Santa

Jesikah got an end table and pictures for her room redecoration in Turquoise and Coral

Jarem and Tessa discovered their Webkinz

Even Jesikah got a webkinz Himalayan cat.  I think she is trying to decide if she likes it. :)

Alex's Santa gift was wrapped.  It's a North Face fleece jacket!!  He was happy!

Finding some lip and nail things in her stocking

Alex happy about his new jacket

Eric happy that the kids are happy!

Jarem and his key lime dino Webkinz

And Hot Tamales!! This boy has grown to love these! Such a surprise from one who doesn't like anything SPICY!!

Fuzzy socks from her stocking.  She got a Hobbit, the Unexpected Party, Lego set from Santa.  She loves the Hobbit.

And a Lego cheerleader!!  Just what she wanted!!

Jarem's other Webkinz...polar bear
 We had our traditional breakfast of almond roll, hot chocolate, yogurt, and oranges...now onto opening presents!!

Alex got a Nike dry fit shirt

Jesikah got a standing makeup mirror from Alex...Very nice!

Gator chocolate from Grandma Cindi

And a coin purse from Grandma Cindi.  Just what Tessa has been wanting.

Jarem have Eric a gator license plate for the front of his truck.  Jarem was very excited about this gift.

Eric gave me a new flashcard for my camera and an external flash!  I put it on and started using it right away.

Alex loved his Gator slippers from Grandma Cindi

And Jesikah liked the door decor that Grandma Cindi painted for her.  It will match her new room perfectly!

And the Vera Bradley coin purse!

And of course Gator chocolate!

Alex gave Tessa a bag of caramels in a cute pink box for her to keep her special things

Alex trying on his new slippers

The Christmas tree

Jarem opening his largest present!

Still working on it!

It's a dino pillow pet from Jesikah

Alex's gift to Eric.  Alex  is showing him all it can do!

Here's the details...it's a ball that you squeeze to reduce stress, improve memory, more restful sleep, reduced join stiffness, and reduced symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome!

And Alex also included some ear plugs to save him from my snoring!  Both good ideas!! :)

Alex opening his gift from Jarem

He can't hold back the smile

It's a laser pointer as you can see demonstrated on Alex's forehead while Jarem hugs him

More decor for Jesikah's room

Jesikah gave Tessa a flat iron.  Tessa was very happy.

Alex gave Jarem one of those quacking ducks that you use to hunt with...it's VERY loud!

From Tessa, Eric got a new book.  Tessa was also out of money and was so happy when she realized she could use her book giftcard to get something for Eric

Jesikah gave Alex a tabletop soccer game like foosball.  There was a hug that followed although I wasn't allowed to get a picture of it! :)

Oh yeah...I shopped with you for these on black Friday....

New boots

Tessa got the same Furreal that she left at her friend's house two years ago and has been sad ever since, except in white!

Jarem got a Gator blanket from Grandma Cindi

Jesikah's gift to Eric so he could have more recent pictures in his office

Cute pic

Jarem's gift to me (with Jesikah's help picking it out)...cute baby shoes/socks

Alex got a couple of Nike sweatshirts...this green one was too bright I guess and he exchanged it for a gray one the next day.

A girl's Chamilia bracelet with cute charms that represent Tessa's personality from Eric and I

Jarem got some new long sleeve shirts

Jesikah got a new lamp for her room...she got to choose a shade

Eric got a new Columbia fleece jacket

Jesikah got her requested "baby lips" from Tessa (and a brush)

Alex got the Hobbit book.  He recently saw the movie 3 times at the theater.  Once with his us and twice with different groups of friends.

Cordial cherries and a new watch is what Tessa got from Jarem

A big box of individually wrapped gifts from Joel and Cindy.  Inside each one was assorted popcorn, candy, and several movies.  We watched the first one on Christmas night!  Was a great gift!

New coat for Jesikah

Navy Tom's shoes for  Tessa...she was excited!  It's her first pair.  She and Jesikah wear the same size in shoes now, and Jesikah was already making plans to borrow them.

A Hobbit lego set for Jarem from Tessa

Alex got BYU basketball shorts

Books for Tessa

Yes, he is excited...this is the one he's been waiting for...

A Wii game that he REALLY wanted...Epic Mickey 2...the  Power of  Two

Jesikah finally got the book she was hoping for from Jarem!

Boots for Tessa

Paddington book for Jarem

And new shoes for Alex, but they were too bright for him, so we exchanged them the next day

New coral bedding and a throw pillow for Jesikah

More boots?

Jarem got another City Lego set

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas!  Everyone gave each other thoughtful gifts, and each child got things that they wanted too.  Eric and I tried to make things simpler this year, and it was nice.  We also got a nativity from my parents which we opened at the beginning of December and some awesome hot dog/marshmallow roasting sticks from my Dad, which he made!  Way better quality that you can buy!  That is something we have wanted for a long time! It was a wonderful day!