Monday, August 17, 2015

Wando Band Clowning Around

Little did we know when moving here, that Tessa would have the privilege this year of being part of one of the best high school music programs in the nation. Wando High School Marching Band was awarded #7 marching band in the NATION last year!! But, this means lots and lots of PRACTICE!! During the last 3 weeks before school started, Tessa spent most of everyday in this parking lot practicing marching and passing off songs. During the main band camp week, the entire band was required to attend everyday from 8am-9pm! Wow! During the last week before school started, they had 2-a-days meaning they went from 8-11am and 5-9pm everyday. Now that school has started, they spend two and a half hours a day, 3 days a week after school.

On the culminating day of band camp, it just so happened to be national clown day, so they invited a clown to come join help them celebrate the end of band camp. She handed out 300 red clown noses and entertained them. On another night, everyone was invited to visit the snow cone truck for free snow cones. I like their band teacher, Bobby Lambert. As well as music, he has worked in motivation and leadership in the past. He is quite a positive and motivational force on this large group of kids.

As we have been here, we have talked to people who tell us things about Wando Band. One guy said, "The high school kids don't come to football games to watch the game, they come to watch the band. Everyone goes off with their friends until it is time for the band to perform and then everyone comes back to their seats to watch." Another guy said, "Last year at the National Competition in Indianapolis, people there from other bands were trying to get their hands on the "Wando Band" t-shirts so they could take them home as a souvenir. Wando is not only popular here, but everyone there knew who Wando was."

 I can't wait to watch them perform! But possibly the best part of band camp was Tessa having the opportunity to make friends before school started. I think this has really helped with her adjustment to the new place.

Tessa once again behind yellow shirt boy. :)

Tessa's picture made the front page of the Mount Pleasant's "Moultrie News". She is right behind the boy in the yellow shirt in front. You can see her red nose. :)

The Band with Cupcake the Clown

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Connors Family said...

Wow! 7th in the nation is huge! That is great and I'm sure she will make great memories with her band mates.