Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dream Job in a Candy Store

This week Jesikah found the job of her dreams!!! If you know Jesikah, you know that it couldn't be more perfect. She found a job at a candy store--Sweet Julep's Fine Southern Confections!! It was kind of funny how it happened.

When we moved here, Jesikah decided that she wanted a job. We thought it was a good idea, so she started looking for places she wanted to work. In the beginning, she really wanted a job at a frozen yogurt shop. She tried to apply at TCBY. They said they were hiring, but she checked back several times a week and they never had any applications. They kept giving her different dates that they would be hiring. The more times she went in, the more she decided she might not want to work there. The hours were late, the employees seemed lazy, and the management seemed inconsistent. 

Then we went to the movies and they advertised that they were hiring for all positions, so she filled out an application. She got called for an interview the same week. She got to the interview a little early and decided to browse through the candy shop next door. She thought she'd ask if they were hiring. They said YES and pulled out an application for her to fill out. They said to come back after her interview at the theater and the manager would be there to interview her. She did. She got offered both jobs in the same day!! 

She obviously turned down the theatre and chose the candy store. She loved the environment of the candy store and the girls who worked there. They aren't open as late either. She loves putting little boxes of chocolates together and putting sweet treats in cute jars. They make homemade fudge and pralines in the store. She has worked 2 days this week so far, and LOVES it. Even better, the manager told her that she could have Sundays and Wednesdays off for church AND she gets a 50% off employee discount. I think this job is a perfect fit for her. :)


Connors Family said...

That is the perfect job! Way to go Jesikah!

David & Viola Ricks said...

Looks like a job I would love. Mmmmmmmm. Especially the fudge. Good job Jesikah!