Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Now That's a Lot of Rain!!

I woke up this morning to this headline!! Can you believe it rained that much in less than 24 hours? In Idaho, where I was raised, the average rainfall is 8 inches a YEAR! We got almost that much in one day.

It started early Monday morning (maybe about midnight) and rained until Monday about 12pm. By 2:30 when I walked over to get Jarem from school, everything was dry except puddles of water in fields and such and it was sunny!  At times it was raining so hard that I knew it must be coming in the house somewhere. I even checked the carpet along the outside wall in our bedroom when the rain was streaming down the screens on the screened in porch, but we stayed dry. However, others weren't so lucky. There was a lot of flooding in Charleston, but people seem to know how to handle it here and life goes on. Being near the ocean, flooding is pretty common I guess. I'm grateful we didn't have anything flood.

I'm also grateful that the rain stopped and that it cooled things down a little bit because the boys and I ended up locked out of our house for about an hour while we waited for the girls to get home. I forgot to take a key when I walked over to get Jarem from school.  It was still pretty hot though.

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