Monday, April 29, 2013

Time with Grandparents

I got these few pictures of my parents with Micah while they were here.  I will always treasure these.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blessing Day

Eric had been really scared that Micah was going to cry during his blessing for the past few weeks.  Right before he was going to be blessed, he started to fuss and I was doing my best to keep him calm.  But miraculously, he was quiet during the whole blessing.  We appreciate all the support of our family and friends who came for this special weekend.  It was a beautiful blessing!  We sure do love this little guy!
Happy Baby!

Micah cooing

I loved his little outfit and shoes.  He looked so adorable!

Wrapped in the blanket his great grandma Dayley crocheted.  All of my kids used this on their blessing day!
 She is now 98 years old.

Alex ended up leaving with the missionaries after church so he wasn't in any of these pictures. :(

Drama over Tessa wearing high heels and everyone else having bare feet.

Now Tessa is her real height and Jesikah admitted to being on tippy toes.  Micah got upset through the drama.

Kisses from Dad

Jesikah and Micah

During the transfer from Jesikah to Tessa, he started fussing

Tessa wasn't sure how to handle him crying.

I told her to just smile. :)

One of my favorite pictures of the day!

Smiles and laughs for Daddy
It was a great day!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jarem's Baptism

On April 27, 2013, Jarem was baptized. We are very proud of him for coming to this decision on his own. Jarem is a good boy and wants to do what's right. It was also a neat experience because he selected Alex to baptize him. Because Alex is a priest, he held the authority to baptize. Alex really wanted to baptize Jarem, but we told him that it was Jarem's choice. Alex worked hard to build their relationship so he may have that opportunity and ultimately Jarem wanted Alex to do it. It was a neat experience for me to see my older son baptize his younger brother. What a great service. Eric performed his confirmation. It was a wonderful blessing.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Micah's 2nd month

These are pictures from my phone of Micah's second month:

Micah's personality really started to develop in his second month.  We saw his first real smile around 4 weeks.  His first coo was the same week.  He started smiling a lot around 6 weeks, but even before that, I could almost always expect a smile from him when I first talked to him after he woke up in the morning.  I love that morning smile that I get everyday.  It just makes me happy.  Around 4-5 weeks he discovered that he liked his swing.  Since then, he takes a 2-4 hour nap in his swing every day.  That was a welcome day when I finally was able to get some things done during the day.  I do miss his daily naps sleeping on my chest though.  I really enjoyed that snuggle time with him.

Around 6-7 weeks, he discovered that he would much rather lay on the floor and play than be held.  This was kind of sad for me because I love to hold him, but at the same time, it is nice that he can be independent.  He also started to like his baby gym around 5-6 weeks.  I was surprised that he enjoyed it that young, but he did and has liked it since then.

Micah in his swing

A picture when he woke up around 5am
Around 6 weeks, he started sleeping 7 hours every night.  By two months he was sleeping 7-8 hours every night.  He was always so happy when he would wake up in the night.  He never ever cried.  He would only start grunting or smacking his lips when he would wake up to eat.  Once he started sleeping 7-8 hours, he would go to sleep around 9:30pm and wake up between 5-6am.  Once he ate, he would fall back asleep until about 7:30-8am

Changing time
Changing time is Micah's social time.  He loves getting his diaper changed and always smiles and coos.  He is so active.  He LOVES it when he gets his diaper off.  He always has a big smile as soon as the diaper comes off and he goes crazy kicking his legs and moving his arms around during changing time.

These next few pictures Jesikah took while I was holding him when he was crying.  The kids got so many laughs out of these pictures.  Especially Jesikah, Jarem, and Tessa thought they were hilarious!!  They said he looked like he was getting ready to punch someone.  They are pretty funny.

This one they said he was pleading for help

Jesikah hates this picture because her hair doesn't look good, but I like it. :)

Micah in his car seat.  He doesn't really like the car too much.

One of the last times I got him to sleep on my chest

First bath
Micah didn't get his first real bath until he was 7 weeks!!  His belly button stump didn't fall off until a couple of days before 7 weeks.  Then it looked pretty fleshy and we thought maybe something was exposed that shouldn't be so we didn't want anything to get infected.  Within a couple of days though, it looked normal and he got his first bath!!  What a welcome relief from the sponge baths which he screamed through.  He loved the bath.  It took him a couple of baths to learn how to splash.  But when he did, he went CRAZY!!

After his first bath

Fell asleep after nursing while we were watching a movie.

I carried him upstairs on the boppy pillow and he remained SOUND asleep.

I love his little hand up next to his face

On our bed in the morning.  He is always happy in the mornings.

Just finished eating!  I love this face!

This was cute!  He never cries when he wakes up in the morning but I always hear him because he starts moving around and making little noises, but this morning, I must have been sound asleep because when I finally looked in his crib, this is how he looked.  When I put him to bed, his nightgown had been pulled down, he had been swaddled and had another blanket over the top of that.  He must have been kicking for awhile to work out of all that.  It was so cute.

This was the smile he had for me that morning

Jesikah and Micah

Jarem wants to kiss and touch Micah constantly, so we had a little talk and I told him that Micah doesn't like being  touched constantly.  Jarem suggested that if he could hold Micah at least once everyday that he wouldn't feel like he needed to touch him all the time.  It has been better since then.  Jarem adores this little guy!